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Available to the shipping industry and marine vessels including private yachts and military craft, we also offer waste oil removal to land based clients, such as the local electricity authority’s generating stations, and car mechanic and vehicle repair workshops.

These expert services, carried out by highly trained operatives, are appropriate to small businesses as well as to large vessels and we can collect 200ltr oil drums from local garages to arrange their disposal with as much ease as we collect oil drums in bulk from generating stations, and with our Oil Vacuum Tanker we are able to collect up to 15,000ltrs of waste oil at a time from yachts and other craft.

Wastage Products have all the relevant licenses and permits to carry out this work to meet the stringent regulations that apply to this field. Our highly trained operatives can undertake tank-cleaning work; from small storage tanks through to ship cargo tanks and Class 1 tanks, i.e. petrol tanks.

As an environmentally responsible company, Wastage Products are fully regulated and we ensure that all our activities are undertaken with the utmost care and control. This includes the processes for transportation and disposal of waste oil and items used in tank cleaning, even down to oil-contaminated cloths.

We understand that at times our services are urgently required outside of “normal” working hours, and our commitment to both customers and the community is such that in these situations we provide a 24/7 year-round service with a rapid, one-hour response time for emergency calls.

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