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Chemical Analysis and Sampling

Wastage Product Ltd offers chemical analysis services to a wide array of clients, helping them to ensure that their own services to their customers and that their working environments are safe. We are highly responsive and can provide services at very short notice in order to help clients deal with urgent situations.

Portable Water Services

We help our shipping clients meet maritime regulations and ensure their services are safe and of an appropriate quality. Our portable water testing services help ship owners and operators ensure that drinking water quality standards are met for crew, passengers and ship visitors.

Recreational Water And Chemical Analysis

We test recreational water used in swimming pools and hot tubs, both for the shipping and land-based industries. We help owners and operators of leisure vessels, including cruise ships to ensure they are able to provide appropriate and reasonable care for their passengers and crew. We also provide water testing to the hospitality industry as well as to private clients.

Port Chemist services

We are certified Port Chemists dedicated to providing the highest standards of service to maritime industries in Gibraltar. We inspect and certify areas to ensure that these are Safe for Hot or Cold Works, and that they are Atmosphere Safe for Workers (gas free certification).

Whether on board a vessel or in a construction site, a work ‘yard’, tunnels or tanks, or any confined space, we conduct full, thorough inspections and analyses ensuring all relevant regulations are being met.

Tank Integrity Testing

We offer tank inspection and integrity testing services to help our clients minimise the risk of tank failure, fuel contamination and potentially lethal leakage of either fluids or gases.

Working with the private and public sectors as well as the Ministry of Defence, we carry out testing of various types of tanks, including fuel tanks, chemical tanks and water tanks.

Our testing processes are fully certified and meet all European health and safety and environmental standards. We also test supply and drainage lines and vapour recovery systems in order to detect potential leaks and tank or pipe failure.

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