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With over 20 years’ experience in this specialist field, Wastage Products Ltd. offers a range of services that make it Gibraltar’s market leaders. Our responsiveness and commitment to client care means that we are available 24/7 every day of the year and because we are locally based, we are able to provide clients with a one-hour response time to an emergency call.

Cleaning and Unblocking

Wastage Products are proud to be members of the UK Water Jetting Association. Skilled in the cleaning and unblocking of small and large diameter drains and sewers, we operate a number of high pressure water jetting units. For particularly clearance tough jobs, we also have a purpose-built high performance Combination Unit.

Our team of operatives is fully trained and highly-qualified, holding appropriate certifications including Confined Spaces Training and High Pressure Water Jetting.

Our cleaning service includes the cleaning of sewage pumping stations and treatment of the sewage in order to dispose of this as required by local Environmental regulations. This involves the cleaning of sewage pits, removal, drying and compacting of the waste and transport to the next stage of its treatment for final disposal.

With public safety and the well being of our team as a top priority, we have an extensive range of quality safety equipment. Dräger Safety, one of the world’s most renowned brands, supplies all our breathing apparatus. Our gas monitors are from Riken Keiki, a leading supplier of this specialist safety equipment.

Inspections and surveys

Wastage Products combines technical expertise, experience and top quality technical equipment, such as robotic crawlers and CCTV systems as well as push up rods for all types of drain and sewer inspections.

Working to the requirements of European Standard 4th Edition Condition Survey, Wastage Products carries out extensive surveying projects for clients that range from private sector property developers and construction companies, the local water authority and to the Gibraltar Government’s Technical Services Department.

Pipe re-lining services

Wastage Products provides a re-lining service for drains and sewers including culverts, vertical rain water pipes and so on. The material we use to line the pipes is resistant to most aggressive chemicals and can withstand extremely high temperatures.

This system of pipe repair provides an extremely efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional replacement of pipes, and facilitates total pipe repair while avoiding disruptive and expensive infrastructural work.

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