Wastage Products Ltd. is Gibraltar’s approved agent for Dräger Safety who provide high quality safety equipment essential in our industry. This helps us to add value to the services that we already offer our clients.

The types of products that we can supply include breathing apparatus, and personal protection equipment (PPE) among other specialist equipment and instruments. This includes, for example, Dräger alcotests and drugs kits, which we can also calibrate for clients, and which we can provide to the police force as well as to organisations which might need to test their employees, such as security companies or companies with vehicle fleets.


We are also Gibraltar’s approved agents for the supply of Riken Keiki gas monitors and we are certified to test and calibrate these for our clients. Gas monitors are essential items for many construction companies, for the City Fire Brigade, for HM Customs and for the Ministry of Defence. Riken Keiki gas monitors are internationally recognised for their high standards of quality and accuracy.

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